RiskBand Device Training

Welcome to RiskBand - Users


  • Introduction and overview to the RiskBand device. Including how to confirm that the device has properly been assigned to you as a user, as well as how to send an emergency alert.

Getting Started

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  • Training on using the RiskBand Device. Explanations are provided for screen icons as well as the function of buttons on the device. A walk-through of Demo Mode is also provided.

About Emergencies

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  • Training on how to trigger and cancel emergencies with the RiskBand device. Explanations are provided for screen icons displayed during an emergency, and information is provided about what is happening behind the scenes. This module also explains how to view closed emergencies in the RiskBand ARIES Manager. (For training on how to log in to the RiskBand ARIES manager complete the Accessing Your Account training module.)

Accessing Your Account with the RiskBand ARIES Manager

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  • Training on how to install the RiskBand ARIES Manager to your desktop. Also covered is how to log in to the ARIES Manager system.

RiskBand Administration Training

Welcome to RiskBand - Admins

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  • An introduction to the RiskBand device for Administrators. The course covers properly assigning the device to users, the Emergency Activation Button, the three types of text messages, and properly configuring the device for users.